Assessment Center, Development Center

Assessments belong to the most reliable decision-support instruments when making important human resource decisions, and they can help to prevent costly mistakes.  They are vital in the areas of staffing, promotions, succession planning and development.

We differentiate between Selection Assessments and Development Assessments.
Both types can be applied, either as an Individual Assessment or a Group Assessment.

In the category Selection Assessment we offer Pre-Employment Assessments, and company Internal Selection Assessments (e.g. assessing internal candidates for promotions).

Our Selection Assessments support digitally-based decision-making tools: Hire: yes/no; promote: yes/no; has sufficient potential: yes/no.

Our Development Assessments are designed to serve as direct learning experiences. They also provide a useful roadmap for further development after the assessment.

Our quality standards:
All our assessments adhere to strict criteria: clearly defined client objectives; clear profiles;  variety of methods;  minimum of two observers per candidate;  use of research-based, psychologically validated and up-to-date test material;  transparent and fair communication of assessment results to both the client and candidate.

Jocon can conduct assessments for you as an external provider, or help you to design and to implement your own initiatives.